i rule (cupidsmistake) wrote in youre_so_vain,
i rule

lets start it with a scene picture

i sewed it too tight and it gave me a triangle middrift

being tough

a smile!

teenage mutant ninja turtle lips

more beign tough


attempting a smile

i like this outfit

wanna fight?

contrast is my friend <3

i like it


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January 4 2004, 16:35:44 UTC 13 years ago

you are so beautiful.
gorgeous cheekbones and eyes.
the 4th picture is sex.
wanna make out?
You have a cute nose.
Your hair is awesome, toooo.
Oh.. and nice arms/hands!
wow. you're really gorgeous... and I'm not talking that "hey let's go to bed" hot.. I mean you're seriously beautiful.
i am
well.. I didn't mean that to say you're not that type of hot.. cuz you're that type of hot, too. But I'm just saying.. you're beautiful!

Okay... I'm shutting up now... <3
you are so beautiful its insane......please magically appear in my room.
when i saw ur post i seriouslyjust said out loud "Oh MY God" . not to boost your ego or anything, but ur beautiful. beautiful as johnny depp! lol.